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Knowledge, innovation and exploration

Composite Solutions is a company focused on the development of integrated solutions in composite for marine environments. We design, produce and install custom-made marine equipment essentially in composites. Our main innovations include:

- Lightweight modular structures that reduce transportation, installation and maintenance costs, allowing for international shipping.

- Automated self-stabilization mechanisms development.

- Structural dynamic analysis and stability analysis of all our products.

- Dedicated broadband data transmission technology with a lower cost of operation for surveillance and real-time data transmission.


Composite Solutions invests in a specialized team with a great commitment to develop solutions for engineering issues. The team spirit is generated through training activities related to the sea, such as seamanship classes and immersion in the environment. In this way, the knowledge brought by each individual is focused on and for the sea environment, promoting a dedicated and passionate growth.


The mission of Composite Solutions is to create opportunities at sea. With our engineering knowledge and love for the sea, we develope high-strength composite solutions for marine applications. Composite Solutions proposes to work in partnership with institutes, companies and Port Administrations in developing dedicated solutions from small to large scale. The production method allows great flexibility in produced numbers without a huge increase in costs for dedicated equipment.

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